Planes, Car & Strongmen Lifted by 75-Year-Old Sri Chinmoy to Inspire Others

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New York - Seventy-five-year-old fitness champion and global harmony leader, Sri Chinmoy, has lifted airplanes, huge boulders, a car, a giant pumpkin and 2002 World’s Strongest Man Hugo Girard of Canada—for a total weight of 111,524 pounds. Battling age and injuries during a non-stop three-day lifting marathon, Sri Chinmoy has achieved “the most amazing feats of strength” he has ever seen—according to 5-time Mr. Universe and fitness expert Bill Pearl who witnessed all the lifts.

The extraordinary demonstration of strength, which was also seen by hundreds of people present from around the world, illustrates Sri Chinmoy’s dedication to what he calls “the unlimited potential of the human spirit.” Bill Pearl exclaimed: “75-year-old, 175-pound Sri Chinmoy does the most amazing feats of strength that I have ever seen, regardless of his age and regardless of his size. This is just a very small example of what this gentleman can do with mind over matter.”

Sri Chinmoy lifts Hugo Girard

Hugo Girard, being lifted by Sri Chinmoy

Using innovative weightlifting machines that allow Sri Chinmoy to lift human beings and other objects using standard exercises, Sri Chinmoy lifted 350-pound Hugo Girard more than10 times and pressed weights on 21 different weight machines, each utilising different muscles of his arms, legs, chest, and shoulders.

Sri Chinmoy performed several feats of strength during one of bodybuilding’s top contests of the year, the Night of Champions at Town Hall in New York City, including lifting Hugo and Bill Pearl together in a seated calf raise and lifting event organisers Wayne DeMilia and Charles Blake using his shoulder muscles!

Sri Chinmoy lifts Smart Car with 2 men

Smart Car with 2 men being lifted by Sri Chinmoy

During the Night of Champions event, Mr. DeMilia presented Sri Chinmoy with the Night of Champions Award, citing his “feats of strength that have blazed new pathways of self-transcendence, amazing and inspiring the sports world and securing him a unique place of honour amongst the weightlifting galaxy of immortals.”

Sri Chinmoy lifted three different Piper and Baron airplanes at Princeton Airport filled with passengers in New Jersey a total of five times, as well as huge boulders at the nearby Rock Museum—all using his calf muscles.

Sri Chinmoy lifts airplane

Sri Chinmoy lifts Hugo Girard, winner of the 2002 title “World’s Strongest Man” and 5-time Mr. Universe Bill Pearl and their wifes while seated inside a twin engine Baron airplane using a modified standing calf raise machine.

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