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Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.
  • Startline 5 September

    Startline 5 September

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    Early morning

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  • Vasu and Wei Ming Lo

    Vasu and Wei Ming Lo

  • Students with runners

    Students with runners

  • Andrea Marcato 2021 winner

    Andrea Marcato 2021 winner

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    Harita finish

  • Pouring rain of the last day

    Pouring rain of the last day

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    Taksumi Senoo

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The 25th edition of the Sri Chinmoy Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race saw seven inteprid runners take to the start line. In a period of 52 days, the seven runners ran a total of 21,112 miles - all around a 0.5 mile block in Jamaica, Queens, New York.

The race returned to New York after the 2020 edition was held in Salzburg, Austria due to Covid restrictions. It was the first time the race has been held in September rather than the sweltering heat of a New York summer. This year's runners benefitted from cooler conditions, but also, at times had to contend with very busy pavements as students went to and from Edison High School, which is located on the course. After the absence of previous years, the runners and organisers were grateful the race was able to happen for the unprecedented opportunity to take part in the immersive experience of this 'Everest' of ultra-distance running.

Last years winner Andrea Marcato, 39 originally from Italy was able to transcend his 2020's best time, getting into a remarkable groove of running 30 consecutive days of 70+ miles, finishing in a time of 42 days+17:38:38. Even after 42 days of consecutive running, he wowed onlookers with a last three-lap burst to become the third-fastest runner of all times by just over 1 minute.

Second place runner was fifty-seven year-old Lo Wei-Ming, the race's first entrant from Taiwan and the first Asian runner to finish the race. Wei-Ming ran a very consistent race and garnered enthusiastic support from supporters and helpers, especially amongst the local Taiwanese New York community. After finishing the race, he paid tribute to the founder Sri Chinmoy and all the many people who go into putting the race on.

“The support of the Taiwanese community helped me a lot.  I realized that even though the race is called self-transcendence, but it cannot happen without the collaboration of a lot of people helping each other.  Now I feel I know more of the wisdom behind it.  It is only because of team work and people working together.”

In third place was Vasu Nikolai Duzhiy, 55, from Russia, Duzihy, who works as a lumber company supervisor, is admired for his humble and quiet approach, which belies his great determination and capacity. He has now finished all nine editions of the race that he has entered.

Fourth overall and the fastest female runner in the race was Harita Davies of New Zealand and Jamaica, Queens, New York. She finished in a time of 50 days+13:23:14, beating her previous best time by over 20 hours. Harita said her effort was a real team effort with helpers from five continents helping in her day to day efforts. Harita has now finished the race on three occasions and after finishing offered her gratitude to the spiritual aspect of the race and the hope the runners' efforts will inspire others.

"There's a big part of me that doesn't mind going through this suffering if I can do something that is meaningful and will be inspiring for other people."

In fifth place was Takasumi Senoo, who became the first runner from Japan to enter and successfully finish the race within the time limit. Takasumi finished in a time of 51 day+12:50:52. After finishing the race Mr Senoo, like the other runners was very thankful for all the help offered, and in particular, praised his wife for her steadfast help through the race.

Ananda-Lahari Zuscin from Slovakia finished the 52 days with a total of 2871.32 miles /4620.94 km. Stutisheel Lebedev completed  2741.25 miles/4413.389 km. Both runners have finished the race on multiple times and although this year they were not quite able to make the 3100 miles, they still very much cherished the opportunities of the race.

Final results

1.  Andrea Marcato     3100 miles - 42:17:38:38
2.  Wei Ming Lo        3100 miles - 48:11:52:01
3.  Vasu Duzhiy        3100 miles - 49:12:45:26  
4.  Harita Davies      3100 miles - 50:13:23:14
5. Takasumi Senoo      3100 miles - 51:12:50:52   
Ananda-Lahari Zuscin   2871.32 miles /4620.94 km
Stutisheel Lebedev     2741.25 miles/4413.389 km

Media coverage

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