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Welcome to the worldwide home of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.

Here you will find information on athletic events from fun-runs to endurance events such as ultra distance races and triathlons - plus race reports and stories for your inspiration.


About us

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been organising some of the world's most adventurous and frontier-pushing sporting events for the past 30 years. Read more...

Sri Chinmoy

Sri Chinmoy, spiritual teacher and founder of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team, believed that sport and meditation combined can be a powerful means of unlocking the true potential of the human spirit."  Read more about Sri Chinmoy...

about us

Our team members

A multiple Guinness world record holder, a ten-time Channel swimmer, and a woman who has chalked up over 40,000 miles running the world's longest race: Read about our inspiring team members, as well as the organisers...

World Harmony Run

The World Harmony Run is a global torch relay that seeks to promote harmony amongst people from all backgrounds. The Run has visited over 100 countries.Click here to visit the website...




Some of our more famous events:

3100 Mile Race Self-Transcendence 3100-Mile Race

The world's longest certified road race, which takes place between June and August in Queens, New York

Canberra Triathlon Festival Canberra Triathlon Festival

A veritable banquet of short and long triathlon events, taking place in October of every year in the scenic  surrounds of Canberra. Australia

6 and 10 day race Six and Ten Day Race

One of the premier multiday events on the American ultrarunning calendar

zurich lake swim Zurichsee Lake Swim

An extremely popular 26km swim along the length of Lake Zurich..

Impossibility Challenger

Experts in every imaginable skill travel to Munich, Germany to try their hand at breaking Guinness World Records...

Self-Transendence 2-Mile Races

International 2-Mile Races
The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team sponsors 2 mile races around the world! Find out if there is a race near where you live or travel...

Self-Transcendence 6- and 10-day, Flushing, NY

April 19-29, 2014

Upcoming Events

April 27: Self-Transcendence GO TRI Swim-Run at Filton Pool - Bristol , United Kingdom

April 27: Self Transcendence 6h Race - Milano , Italy

May 6: 2 Mile Self-transcendence races - Helsinki , Finland

May 11: Sri Chinmoy Half-Marathon 5-10k & Children's 1.5k - Auckland , New Zealand

May 17: May Flushing Meadows 5K - Flushing, New York , United States

May 17 - May 18: Self-Transcendence 12- / 24-h race - Basel , Switzerland



Latest News & Results

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Other sports:

Channel Swimming

Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team members have swum the channel over forty times, the most by any sports team.


A four man team have ascended Cho Oyu, the worlds sixth highest peak at 8200m, and are setting their sights on something higher..


Activities of Sri Chinmoy Cycling Team.

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About the Marathon Team

The Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team has been a poineer in ultrarunning for over 30 years. View our historical archive on the USA site...


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