In 1970 Sri Chinmoy introduced annual Sports Days for his students to encourage them to maintain a high level of physical fitness. Sri Chinmoy has inspired his students to train seriously for the many track and field events that are regular items. Each year he has traditionally participated with his students and many of his best marks in the West have been centred on this day and the training leading up to it.


100 metres
August 1972
Sports Day
No time available
First recorded race in the West
Age: 40

100 metres
25 August 1976
Sports Day
New Paltz
14.7 sec
(64 strides)

800 metres
5 August 1980
New York Road Runners' Club Summer Track Series
Randall's Island
2:59.9 (splits 1:28 + 1:31.9)

100 metres
30 August 1980
First Pan American Masters Track and Field Championships
San Juan, Puerto Rico
(Notes: Sri Chinmoy was invited to open the Pan American Masters Games with a meditation. Just three days prior to his event, on August 27th, Sri Chinmoy completed a 47-mile race in 11 hours 28 minutes)

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