About the author:

Tejvan organises short-distance running and cycling races for the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team in his home city of Oxford. He is also a very good cyclist, having won the National hill climb championships in 2013 and finished 3rd in the National 100 Mile Time Trials in 2014.

3 Mile Self-Transcendence Race organised by Sri Chinmoy A.C.

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1,82,Oz Ellis,Abingdon,5.28,10.52,16.05,SM
2,87,Les Newell,Abingdon,5.28,10.54,16.06,SM
3,81,Simon Fisher,Abingdon,5.28,10.57,16.07,SM
4,83,Gary Crone,U/A,5.28,11.00,16.37,SM
5,80,Richard Skilbeck,Headington,5.28,11.15,17.02,SM
6,829,Melissa Hawtin,Oxford City,5.30,11.32,17.13,JW
7,85,Matthew Coffey,Oxford City,5.30,11.31,17.21,SM
8,827,Lauren Hawtin,Oxford City,5.51,12.12,18.15,JW
9,828,Beth Hawtin,Oxford City,6.00,12.15,18.23,JW
10,27,Stewart Thorp,Oxford City,,12.22,18.24,V50
11,84,Ellis Bicknell,U/A,,12.21,18.28,SM
12,127,Julian Moore,Abingdon,6.00,12.17,18.32,V40
13,86,Paul Oxley,U/A,,12.14,18.37,SM
14,126,Paul Skip,,,12.52,19.12,V40
15,129,Alan Roberts,Vale of Aylesbury,,12.45,19.21,V40
16,831,Owen Huxley,Oxford City,,12.57,19.37,JB
17,830,Elissa Clark,Oxford City,,13.35,20.33,JW
18,28,Dave Ponting,,6.30,13.35,20.35,V50
19,128,Andrew Lister,U/A,6.53,14.05,20.58,V40
20,611,Gwyneth Hueter,Oxford City,7.10,14.18,21.21,VW
21,100,Patricia Wilson,Abingdon,6.58,14.22,21.43,VW
22,26,Phil Bevis,Banbury,7.16,14.40,21.56,V50
23,25,Andy Bartlett,Banbury,7.24,14.55,22.12,V50
24,22,Paul Grimsdale,Oxford City,7.34,14.56,22.15,V50
25,24,Andrew Garner,Abingdon,7.25,13.07,22.38,V50
26,654,Nisha MacSweeney,U/A,7.31,15.13,22.54,SW
27,189,Paul Parrish,,,,23.32,SM
28,23,Martin Reynolds,Oxford City,7.47,15.59,24.26,V50
29,651,Sam Egerton,Abingdon,8.17,16.44,25.25,VW
30,115,Michelle Piper,Abingdon,,,26.06,SW
31,653,Noel Blatchford,Abingdon,8.33,17.29,26.27,VW
32,650,Judy Howard,Abingdon,9.21,19.22,29.23,VW
33,652,Emma Moore,Abingdon,,,31.33,VW


conditions - light rain. Congratulations to Oz Ellis first man. Oz was pushed by fellow Abingdon Ambler team mates Les Newell and Simon Fisher. First women home was junior Melissa Hawtin (Oxford City), closely followed by Lauren and Beth.

Final race of the series is in two weeks time on 21st June 7.00pm

Grand Prix Points

(coming Soon)

Super Vet Men

  1. Stewart Thorp  5
  2. Dave Ponting 4
  3. Phil Bevis  3
  4. Andy Bartlett 2
  5. Paul Grimsdale 1

Vet Men

  1. Julian Moore 4
  2. Paul Skip 3
  3. Alan Roberts 2
  4. Andrew Lister 1

Senior Men

  1. Oz Eillis   5
  2. Les Newell  4
  3. Simon Fisher 3
  4. Gary Crone 2
  5. Richard Skilbeck 1

Junior Boys

  1. Owen Huxley  3

Veteran Women

  1. Gwyneth Hueter  5
  2. Patricia Wilson  4
  3. Sam Egerton  3
  4. Noel Blatchford 2
  5. Judy Howard 1

Senior Women

  1. Nisha MacSweeney 3
  2. Michelle Piper 2

Junior Women

  1. Melissa Hawtin 4
  2. Lauren Hawtin 3
  3. Beth Hawtin 2
  4. Elissa Clarke 1

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